Nuclear Power in Africa

Today, it is 25 years ago that Chernobyls Nuclear Power Plant blasted. 25 years till another catastrophe was needed to teach us yet another lesson. Still today, no nation in the world has a clue about how to handle nuclear waste.

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Of course, the continent is hungry for energy and it most surely deserves to grow in infrastructure and energy supply more than any other corner of the world. But does it have to be at the risk for cost of millions of lives and generations to come? Don’t we already carry enough knowledge about renewable energy supply and sustainable and really clean energy consumption? We do have the technology at hand.

Africa is in the midst of it’s renaissance. Investors are lining up. Europe, led by Germany, is discussing if or if not to drop the hot nuclear topic within the coming 25 years or so.

Here is a List of Nuclear reactors in Africa. (For the complete list of Nuclear reactors worldwide visit:


Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • InshasNuclear Research Center
    • ETTR-1 – 2 MW LWR (supplied by USSR, 1958)
    • ETTR-2 – 22 MW reactor (supplied by Argentine INVAP, 1998)


  • Tajura Nuclear Research Center, REWDRC (see [11]) – 10 MW research reactor (supplied by the USSR)


South Africa

Power station reactors

Research reactors

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