Nairobi Meeting – sincere planning for African Perspectives

The Kenyan core team around African Perspectives met yesterday eve to discuss further steps and sharpen the content of the profile.

So what is this all about? …

… you might ask yourself. Well, we all share a deep dedication and love for the continent that is subject to this platform. And we feel that the world should learn more about what Africa has to offer and contribute to the global society; this is especially as global mass media are still a bit slow with catching up on the thriving and constantly further emerging and growing diversity in Arts, Music, Cultures, Politics, Tours, Innovations, …

We are far from ignoring the challenges the continent is facing still today. Rather, we aim at sharing with you how Africans view these challenges and how we approach the very same to overcome poverty, health and environmental issues with powerful and sustainable approaches, where applicable in partnership with international programs.

Currently, the base of our showcase is the facebook page and there especially the photo sections with individual features.

All our postings go directly to twitter on @AfriPerspects where you are most welcome to follow us and retweet whatever you like to share with your tweet buddies.

Then there is this blog for longer stories, highlights, campaigns and the like. Feel free to comment, make suggestions for content that you like to see as it relates to Africa and tells true stories from within.

The Kenya core team currently consists of 8 dedicated young professionals from various branches like photography, music and fashion business, IT, law, natural science and much more. We have contacts all across the continent and beyond – members of the facebook group is already on a global scale with friends in the Americas, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

We just started a google group to facilitate planning and communication across the continent. Wanna be part? Send us an Email with a short statement of your motivation, why and how you would like to contribute to

What’s next: We are planning on a big music event in Nairobi – suggestively in Uhuru Park. Stay tuned for more details as we go ahead! Also feel free to contact us if you would like to do something alike in your region – campaigning for Africa may happen anywhere on the planet – be it in either of the African nations or via the diaspora elsewhere.

Africa is on the rising – join us for the Renaissance!

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