Hello world, this is Africa!

On this blog, we provide you with another forum for African Perspectives additionally to the one on facebook.

African Perspectives gives you a wide array of African Art, Music, the Diversity of Cultures, Fashion, Innovations, Politics and much more …

Our aim is to broadly showcase the enormous potential and capacity thriving on the continent. Join us in this mission and share with your friends – for a bright and prosperous African future!

Be it that you are African, consider yourself as African or just share our dedication to the continent and its stunning diversity, we invite you to express your experiences, travel diaries, encounters, and thoughts.

African Perspectives lives on the interaction and exchange of information, which means that your engagement is vital to its success: Tell us what you would like to see featured on the facebook page, post comments or send an email to afriperspectives@gmail.com also if you want to join us in shaping the contents.

Should you ever have concerns about certain issues or content on this blog, please let us know. We also want to raise awareness, open dialogues and invite for critical discussions.

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